Terms and Conditions

“Buyer” means the organisation or person who purchases Goods from the Seller.
“Goods” means the goods, materials, products or equipment which the Supplier is to supply to Customer in accordance with this invoice.
“Seller” means the group who supplies the Goods to the Buyer.

-Shoes will be securely packaged as best as possible to prevent damage in transit. The seller (Kicks Capital Ltd) is not liable for any damage caused during transit.
-Seller (Kicks Capital Ltd) cannot take any liability for delays, damages or consequential losses incurred by the courier company during transit.
-Delivery can only be made to PayPal verified address attached to the payment of this invoice.
-Seller (Kicks Capital Ltd) isn’t responsible for “stolen” or “misplaced” deliveries.
-Seller (Kicks Capital Ltd) cannot guarantee the delivery time-frame quoted by the shipping company and therefore is not liable for deliveries that arrive out of the time frame quoted by the shipping company.

100% authentic, Brand new, never worn, comes with original box. Any flaws are deemed as “factory flaws” caused by the manufacturer. Seller (Kicks Capital Ltd) does not accept responsibility for factory flaws and refunds are not applicable in conjunction.

-Upon payment of this invoice, the buyer acknowledges that “charge-backs” or “unauthorised purchases/transactions” initiated via their bank and/or creditor should be recognised by PayPal as fraud.
-items are 100% Authentic; they are not any form of fake or replications.
-All sales are final. We don’t accept returns/cancellations/exchanges/refunds/non acceptance of parcels or partial refunds.
-By paying this invoice, the buyer acknowledges and accepts all Sellers (Kicks Capital Ltd) terms and conditions.